Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dear, Scientology Child.

"My children suffered at great lengths at the hands of their Scientology Step-dad. He molested them and justified it by saying they were "old souls" and were responsible for their own condition. My youngest was 3 years old. The Church of Scientology did not want me to turn him in...... He gets out in 5 years after nearly doing 20 years. Somehow it is just not long enough."

Dear Scientology Child,
We are here for you now.
We will not forget.
We are many.
We are expecting you.


scott ridgway said...

I am horrified by the comments of the molester. Recently, I read of Elman, a scamatologist, refused to be a part of an aids fundraiser on that dum show she had, but she refused on the grounds that aids was a mental disease and they could cure themselves. Babies dying of aids were blamed.

I wish you the best.

scott ridgway said...

Jenna Elfman is the person I was referring to in that comment. Sorry.