Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anonymous Message To Scientology : IV

Hello, leaders of scientology.
We are Anonymous.

You are the center of attention.
Finally, after all these years, you are getting all the media coverage you could ever ask for.
But there is one problem.
Your ruin is not Anonymous.
your ruin are not corrupted Thetans.
Your ruin are not your Sp's, but the truth that is driving them, driving us.
Truth is your ultimate ruin.
For truth is not on your side.

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scott ridgway said...

I studied cults in university, as well as how consciousness in developed, as well as military intelligence, with an emphasis on the FBI, the CIA, and Navy Seals. Brainwashing is real. Anyone can be broken down and reformed... especially someone who is desperate enough to follow this crap. They bring in actors with promises of being in a scamatomology production at their Hollywood Celebrity trap. I was so proud of humanity when I first heard about your movement. You will win... I am not so sure that the truth always wins, I believe in fighting fire with fire,,, black psy-ops is what they are using, and the only way to defeat them is to be even more hardcore than those nuts. We owe it to the future to erradicat this scam.